For 16 years, Vicoustic has been designing, manufacturing, and delivering sustainable solutions for acoustic treatment and sound insulation.

Vicoustic understands sound - and we know what makes a truly exceptional acoustic and audio experience. Being at the forefront of acoustic technology, we combine engineered systems with stunning design to bring you sound that is free of compromises but full of high-quality performance.

A leading force in the industry, founded in 2007 in Portugal, Vicoustic is found in over 70 countries around the world. We understand the unique sound dynamics of a room or venue. So whether it’s a Home Cinema Hi-Fi to a professional sound system for radio and television, our expertise in peak acoustic performance is second-to-none.

The products from Vicoustic deliver clever and innovative solutions to meet the demands of spaces that require a sophisticated soundscape. Taking on board the high standards of our customers, we continuously strive to manufacture products of superior functionality, and adaptability, but all the while with a sustainable and environmentally conscious mindset.