Frequently Asked Questions

About USM

Why buy a USM?

When you buy a USM, you are not merely buying a piece of furniture - you are buying an infinitely adaptable modular system that can grow with you. It is getting the design that you love, coupled with an international team of experts that will help create a piece that will suit you perfectly.

Why is owning a USM similar to owning a piece of art?

The USM Haller system is part of the permanent collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art (MOMA) in New York. It can also be found in the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum in New York and the Louve-Lens in Paris.

Where is the USM Haller System made?

All USM furnitures are 100% made in Switzerland. Their state of the art factory and headquarters are located in beautiful Munsingen, Switzerland.

What material is the USM Ball?

The USM Ball is chrome-plated brass with 6 MX81 threaded holes.

What material is the USM Haller?

The frames for the units and the tables as well as the panels are formed from steel, either chrome-plated or powder coated. Table tops are available as granite, resin, strengthened glass, linoleum or natural wood veneered plywood.  

How thick are the table tops?

The USM Haller and Kitos table tops are 19mm thick.

How much weight can the USM Haller panel carry?

The maximum allowed surface load for all metal elements up to dimension of 750 x 500 mm is 50kg.

In such cases where objects weighing more than 50kg  are used, additional support should be used to avoid bending. Please contact our USM sales team in advance to confirm any such details.

Can I order my USM beyond the 14 offered colors?

Yes. Should you have a specific color beyond the 14 neutral colors offered by USM, you may contact our sales team for details. Please be advised however, that this additional service may be possible at an extra cost, with a lengthened time frame for delivery.

Shipping Information

When can I get my USM?

Your custom built USM furniture will arrive 8-10 weeks upon the agreement of the design and the receipt of the 50% downpayment. 
If you prefer, you can buy ready made pieces from our showroom. Our flagship showroom is located at the G/F, 420 Ortigas Ave, Greenhills, San Juan. Another showroom is located at the G/F Filipino Building on Legaspi Street, Makati Philippines.
Either way you chose, trained installers will assemble your USM furniture quickly, without mess or fuss. They will not leave until you are happy with the result and they take all evidence of their work with them.


What is the warranty for all USM Products?

USM offers a limited warranty of 2 years from the date of delivery. However, this warranty does not include:

  1. Surface conditions, normal wear and tear,  neglects, accidents, acts of God, acts of terrorism, damage in transit, abuse, improper maintenance or storage after product installation.
  2. Damage resulting from the assembly, installation, repair of alteration of product other than by a USM authorised personnel or if product was not used in accordance with their instructions.
  3. Natural variations to colour, grain, texture of wood, metal or plastic over which USM has no control.

    Care Information

    How do I care for my USM?

    With the correct care, you can ensure your USM piece will look as good as new for many years to come. 
    For the USM Haller and all table surfaces:
    • Dry cleaning: You can use a soft cotton cloth, a microfiber cloth or the USM cleaning cloth.
    • Wet cleaning: A soft cloth (chamois) is suitable for wet cleaning. Lightly moisten the cloth with water before cleaning. In cases of severe soiling, only use a diluted neutral cleaning fluid (pH < 9). 
    • Never leave the table surface wet or damp for long, as there is risk that it could absorb water. Never use abrasive cleaning agents or sponges. Some microfiber cloths can have an abrasive action and should be avoided. Never use solvents.
    For the Privacy Panels and USM Inos:
    • The surface can be cleaned of dust and mild dirt with a vacuum. Vacuum attachments with a brush should be avoided.